Preschool Programs

We, at WCC, believe play is essential to children’s overall development. Children are born with a natural sense of wonder and curiosity about the world. They are born dreamers, discoverers, inventors, and problem-solvers. In other words, they are programmed to learn. And much of those first learning experiences happen through play. 

In Our Classrooms

At Westmoreland Children’s Center we maintain low teacher-child ratios to provide children with fun learning activities and opportunities for growth in a warm and caring environment. All direct instruction is theme-based and age-appropriate with interactive, hands-on activities designed to develop a child’s:

  • Social-Emotional learning
  • Physical development
    • Large motor
    • Fine motor
  • Cognitive development
    • Language and literacy
    • Mathematics
    • Science and technology
    • Social studies
  • Creativity

You can expect regular communication with your child’s teacher(s); a mix of structured and unstructured play both indoors and out; and nutritious meals and snacks as part of your child’s day.

Educational Philosophy

Respect for children is at the heart of our educational philosophy. We value each child's unique interests and recognize their individual needs to promote self-esteem and facilitate growth. We want all children to enjoy their school experience and view play as an essential part of their development. During imaginative play, children learn how to innovate, solve problems, and think critically. They develop a baseline of experiential knowledge that will later serve as a foundation to science, math, and social studies concepts. And they learn to resolve social and emotional conflicts, entertain new ideas about the world, and expand their conversational skills. In every endeavor, children take an active role in the learning process without pressure or fear of failure, which helps them develop a love of learning.

In Partnership
In all things, we believe parents and staff members are in partnership for the success of their children. Accordingly, at WCC we focus on building community, maintaining open lines of communication, keeping things positive, and committing to lifelong learning. We can all learn and try new things. We can all communicate with honesty and respect. And we can all commit to believing the best about each other. In so doing, we will help create an atmosphere where every child feels safe, valued, and excited to learn.